About us

was established in 2017, by our CEO and Founder, Toya Ford. After a long vigorous and expensive journey to find and provide the highest quality hair products, at a price that beat out our competitors, we are certain we have finally accomplished that.

In our efforts to keep cost down, so that we can maintain our low prices while providing the same Top Tier, quality hair, we have made the decision to avoid brick and mortar. We'd rather provide local pickup services and sell to the public directly online.

We Guarantee the best in quality and reasonably priced hair, with a terrific before    and after sales service. 

is founded upon the principles of integrity, innovative service, unmatched customer service and  forward progress. We understand those are not terms you hear often in the hair industry and that's what sets us apart... our outside the box approach to business. See for yourself and place your first order. We look forward to serving you!